"To say that I was amazed by the performance of Nochar (NFP) is an understatement. There is no way to stop all fires, but I can think of a thousand applications where your product could help prevent a fire from starting.

Today's houses are made from such light weight wood members, I wish every piece of lumber was treated with a fire retardant. Estimates are that the loss from any fire is 20% or greater to the home owner. Your product could reduce that number. If it prevented a fire from starting in an attic or basement, the savings would be immeasurable."

Guy c. Williams
Fire Chief
Wood River, IL

Spill Stabilizers

pillows are ideal for containing petroleum based spills on land or water. A671 pillows are for non aggressive and contaiminated water based spills.


Ssocks form barriers to prevent or contain emergency petroleum based spills.


Socks pick up non aggressive water or contaminated water spills for removal.

These socks are used on or around equipment or for protection of floor drains and run-off areas.



Booms not only aid in containing a spill but also absorb up to 20 gallons of hydrocarbons while continuing to float.

Booms are easily deployed and can be linked together to contain larger spills. Each boom is fitted with clips and eyelets allowing easy overlap to prevent seepage


Drip Pans provide safe leak and splash resistant containment for typical machinery applications.

Drip pans are filled with a combination of 100% natural recycled fibers and A600 bonding agents.


Bilge bags are filled exclusively with A600 series bonding agents for maximum bonding of bilge hydrocarbon contaminants.

An eyelet allows easy attachment so that bags may be easily placed, removed and replaced in almost any bilge design.   Each bag bonds up to 1.5 gallons of containment





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