"To say that I was amazed by the performance of Nochar (NFP) is an understatement. There is no way to stop all fires, but I can think of a thousand applications where your product could help prevent a fire from starting.

Today's houses are made from such light weight wood members, I wish every piece of lumber was treated with a fire retardant. Estimates are that the loss from any fire is 20% or greater to the home owner. Your product could reduce that number. If it prevented a fire from starting in an attic or basement, the savings would be immeasurable."

Guy c. Williams
Fire Chief
Wood River, IL

Suppression Thermal

Fire blocker concentrate AFFG educted with water, extinguishes Class A type fires and acts as a heat barrier on most surfaces.

Clings to both horizontal and vertical surfaces as well as ceilings and pitched roofs.

E111 Fire Blocker is a gel which temporarily reduces heat transfer to adjoining areas and assists in extinguishing Class A type fires. 

Clings to both horizontal and vertical surfaces.  Protects adjoining areas from heat or sparks when cutting, grinding or welding.

Water soluble.




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